Elizabeth Boyd
Registered Herbalist
Traditional Western Herbal Medicine


As a practitioner of herbal medicine, my aim is to gently help people achieve their health and well being goals using the medicine that the plant world offers.

My personal philosophy is that what grows here is meant to heal the people that live here. These wonderful plants are subject to the same stress in the environment as we are.  But plants create legions of seeds and offspring and have the ability to adapt to those stresses faster than humans can and continue to thrive. By using these local plants as our medicines, which have already adapted to our air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and electromagnetic fields, they can better help our bodies which are under the same stress. 

The plants you need to cure your own physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances are the plants that grow near you. Take a look around and see what plants seem to pop up most often in your life. You may be surprised at the helpful herbs that are right under your nose!

Upcoming Events

Title : How to Blend Herbal Teas
Date : Sunday February 12, 2017
Time : 1:30 – 3:30pm
Place : Elizabeth’s Home, near Grassie
Cost : $40

While chamomile tea is tasty by itself, what other herbs does it blend well with? Join Elizabeth to learn how to make your own blends of teas for some common ailments such as digestive upset and insomnia. She will talk about how to properly make the tea, proportions of herbs to use, and what tastes good together. You will mix your own tea blend to take home.

Registration is limited to 8 people. Payment in advance by e-money transfer would be appreciated.

Title : Herbal First Aid
Date : Sunday March 19, 2017
Time : 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Place : Elizabeth’s Home, near Grassie
Cost : $40

Cuts, bruises, bumps, scrapes, minor infections, and small burns can all use some first aid to enhance and speed healing. Join Elizabeth to learn what items should be in a herbal first aid kit and how to use them. You will take home a wound healing ointment and shopping list of what to buy for your own house.

Registration is limited to 8 people. Payment in advance by e-money transfer would be appreciated.

Title : Introduction to Herbal Medicine
Date : Thursday March 30, 2017
Time : 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Place : Grimsby Public Library
Cost : Free

All those weeds growing in your backyard might be just what you need for medicine! Join Elizabeth Boyd, Registered Herbalist, as she talks about what herbal medicine is, how to prepare the medicine, and the healing properties of some common plants. Elizabeth will explain what part of plants to use and how to prepare them so you can start making your own preparations from your backyard.

Herb Walks 2017

This spring I will be leading herb walks every other week to help you identify plants from their very young leaves so you can keep watching them as they grow! We'll also talk about harvesting and preparation of the plants.

The walks will run unless it's a downpour, a light misting rain is still lovely to walk in, so dress for the weather. If I do cancel a walk for weather I will email the cancellation notice.

Duration of the walk : 1 - 1 1/2 hours, or until the light runs out
Cost : $15 per person
Dates and Locations To Be Announced starting in April ​

​Title : Edible and Medicinal Plants in your Garden
Date : Thursday May 18, 2017
Time : 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Place : Lee Valley, Burlington
Cost : $30

A well-planned and well-maintained garden gives curb appeal to your home, but what if those plants were useful as well as beautiful? Elizabeth Boyd will show you how to incorporate edible and medicinal plants into your garden. The first hour will touch on useful plants of different heights, flower colors, lifespan, sun preference and maintenance requirements. The second hour will be a question-and-answer session, so bring your questions!
​Maximum 12 participants.