Elizabeth Boyd
Registered Herbalist
Traditional Western Herbal Medicine


As a practitioner of herbal medicine, my aim is to gently help people achieve their health and well being goals using the medicine that the plant world offers.

My personal philosophy is that what grows here is meant to heal the people that live here. These wonderful plants are subject to the same stress in the environment as we are.  But plants create legions of seeds and offspring and have the ability to adapt to those stresses faster than humans can and continue to thrive. By using these local plants as our medicines, which have already adapted to our air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and electromagnetic fields, they can better help our bodies which are under the same stress. 

The plants you need to cure your own physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances are the plants that grow near you. Take a look around and see what plants seem to pop up most often in your life. You may be surprised at the helpful herbs that are right under your nose!

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