Elizabeth Boyd
Registered Herbalist
Traditional Western Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation takes between 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

A complete medical assessment will be taken including questions about family medical history, prescriptions, supplements, diet, and symptoms relating to your condition.

Depending on your condition, some physical examinations may be performed such as pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory exam, lymphatic exam etc.  No invasive physical exams or blood work will be done, although you are encouraged to bring copies of any recent blood work results.

The initial consultation fee is $100 and this includes an individualized treatment plan.  The initial fee does not include the cost of any herbal medicine.

Individualized Treatment Plan

You will receive your individualized treatment plan within 3 days after our initial consultation.  The plan may include:
  • herbal remedies such as a tea, tincture, or ointment
  • dietary changes
  • lifestyle changes
  • supplements
The cost for each herbal remedy varies based on the herbs used. 
An average price is $60-$75 per 250mL of tincture and $15 per 3 cups of loose tea.

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up appointments will occur at regular intervals through your treatment. 

The follow up appointment fee is $35 which does not include the cost of any herbal medicine.


Q: What is a tincture?

A: A tincture is a herbal preparation where the fresh or dried herb is steeped in alcohol for at least one month.  The alcohol draws out the medicinal properties of the herb.  At the end of the steeping period, the liquid is separated from the plant material and the resulting liquid is a tincture.

Q: How quickly should I see results with herbal medicine?

A: The answer depends on what condition is being treated and what the treatment plan is.  Results may take up to a year depending on the complexity of the condition and whether the condition is acute or chronic in nature.

Q: Is herbal medicine safe?

A: Herbal medicine can be very safe when taken under the supervision of a Registered Herbalist.  Some herbs interact with certain pharmaceutical drugs however, a Registered Herbalist is trained to take prescription drugs into account when developing your individualized plan.  Self medicating with herbs may cause unwanted effects if you aren't aware of all the actions of a particular herb.

Q: What is a Registered Herbalist?

A: A Registered Herbalist is someone whose knowledge has passed the standards of the Ontario Herbalists' Association (OHA).  The OHA has confidence that this person has a thorough understanding of how to safely treat patients using herbal medicine.  For more information about the OHA, visit their website at http://www.herbalists.on.ca/ .